We Believe in Quality

An old-world way of butchery with a new era of thinking.

At Caprae & Suidae, we are committed to the old traditional way of sourcing from small, local family operated farms, who are passionate about delivering a product that is raised in a natural environment – fed naturally and raised with the highest standard of quality and health.

All products sold in the shop are made in the shop by the same butchers that serve you. Developing a relationship with every customer that comes through our doors, is extremely important to us as it allows us to understand the needs and expectations of our clientele. We consider ourselves a neighbourhood shop, so our clientele is an extension of our families.

From our Family to Yours…

When purchasing any products at Caprae & Suidae you can rest assured you will be satisfied. We carefully and thoughtfully select every product brought in. If it is not good enough for our family, it’s not good enough for yours. We stand behind everything we do and all products we sell.

There is always a lively and positive atmosphere when you arrive, we love what we do, and it surely shows. We want to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase, and more importantly, know how to prepare their products. Cooking instructions and method of cooking is all part of the experience when choosing Caprae & Suidae as a butcher shop.

We won’t let you leave until you are fully comfortable with making that special family pot roast or trying to recreate that secret Sunday family meal. Be prepared to leave happy and excited.